About Us

Aims & Objectives

The main aim of the Centre is to promote the integration of science and spiritual values and to create an appropriate environment for the development of attitudes, perceptions and ways of life consistent with this spirit of integration. Inter-alia, the objectives of the Centre will be:

To undertake in-depth studies on

  • The nature, significance and ramifications of the new insights that science is acquiring into the structure, nature and working of the universe, and
  • The similarities or dissimilarities that these insights reveal when compared to the insights that have been gained by seekers who have attempted to comprehend the truth of the universe through spiritual endeavours.

To make a comparative study of the methods of enquiry and understanding (comprehension) that are employed by scientist as well as those that are adopted by seekers who follow the traditional methods of enquiry associated with spiritual endeavors(SADHANA).

To make comparative studies of the various approaches to mind and matter.

To examine the role and relevance of values in the pursuit of truth in the field of science as well as the field of spiritual endeavour.

To examine changing value systems;
And in pursuit of these objectives, to:

  • Establish a research Centre for the study of fundamental aspects of Science, Philosophy, Human and Spiritual Values;
  • Identify and appoint specialists (i.e., Sanskrit Scholars, Indologists & Technologists) to carry out in-depth investigation and research.
  • Set-up and run a library which will house the manuscripts (in the form of photo-copies, micro-films etc.) available in various languages such as Sanskrit, Pail, Arabic, Persian, Tibetan, Ardhamaghadi and Indian languages of ancient origin.
  • Bring out critical/authentic editions with translations of manuscripts.
  • Prepare & publish source books on history & science in India, and a dictionary of scientific and technical terms on India science ,technology and philosophy.
  • Prepare monograph, audio-visuals, and educational-aids to support and supplement the research studies.
  • Conduct seminars, classes and work-shop with a view to promoting the aim and objective of the Centre.
  • Collaborate and associate with individuals and organizations in India and abroad, with similar aim and objectives.
  • Offer scholarships, Fellowships and financial assistance to deserving individuals for carrying out studies in the integration of science, human and spiritual values.
  • Provide training facilities to further the objects of the Centre.
  • Take such other steps as are incidental and conducive to the furtherance of the objective of the Centre.

By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in man – body, mind and spirit.

--Mahatma Gandhi